As the Weather Chills, Here Are 10 Tips to Stay Warm and Healthy

Family walking in park

As a local insurance agency providing life insurance coverage, our agents are very aware of the increased health risks over the cold winter months. Injuries as a result of car accidents in wet or icy conditions, slip and fall accidents, and cases of injury from prolonged exposure all rise over the winter months. Those who are not properly prepared for the weather, and those who are already predisposed to injury or illness are the ones most at risk.

To increase your chances of staying warm and healthy as the weather gets cold in Evanston, here are 10 simple tips:

  1. Inspect and repair any damage to weather stripping, insulation, storm windows, water pipes, gutters and roof of your apartment or house before the cold weather arrives. You don’t want to find yourself without sufficient heat.
  2. Clean out your fireplace and chimney and have your heating system serviced and checked in preparation for the winter months. There are cases when it may be advised to have an alternative heating source or generator available.
  3. Check all smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. If you do not have either of these in your home, get them installed at once. Having these detectors in your home could help save your life and the lives of those you love.
  4. Dress appropriately for the weather. If you think it is going to be cold outside, dress in layers of thin clothing that can be removed as the weather changes. Wear a warm winter coat and a sturdy pair of shoes to cover your skin and help keep in your body’s natural heat. Bring along a scarf, gloves and hat just in case.
  5. Eat well. Be sure to eat a lot of vegetables and fruit in addition to having a significant source of protein so your body gets the nutrients it needs. Eating at least one hot meal a day and drinking a variety of hot beverages will also help keep your body warm.
  6. Young children, the elderly and those with compromised immune systems should not be over-exposed to cold weather. It is healthier for them to remain indoors or bundled up for limited periods of exposure.
  7. To help protect you against the flu or a seasonal cold, wash your hands regularly and keep your home clean. Disinfecting your counters and other exposed surfaces can help prevent the spread of disease.
  8. Setting your programmable thermostat to 68 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter can help save money, but if you need to turn it up, do not be afraid to do so. You can also use thick blankets or heavy comforters to bundle up.
  9. Try to stay active as much as you can. This will not only help keep you healthy, but it will also keep your blood flowing and keep you warmer.
  10. Get your car or other vehicle serviced so that it is ready to drive during the cold winter months. Be sure to keep your car packed with food, water, blankets, jackets and a few different changes of clothes. Hopefully you will never get stranded or stuck in bad weather, but it is wise to be prepared for the unexpected, particularly in freezing weather.

Having sufficient life insurance in place can also provide protection and peace of mind for you and those you love. Life can be unpredictable, and we all want our families to be protected should the unexpected occur.

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